Concealed Carry Gear Beretta 9000s

Concealed Carry Gear – Beretta 9000s

Introduced by Beretta in 2001, the 9000S was one of the Check our website first Beretta weapons that was specifically designed to target the United States concealed carry market. Most all prior handguns that Beretta had produced were targeted for either military or police, but Beretta saw a specific market forming in the concealed carry arena. Beretta had originally thought about calling the weapon the “Baby Beretta”, but share this site later changed their minds as they thought it might cause some confusion within their sub-compact line of handguns.

The frame of the 9000S is very compact and made from a reinforced polymer material to reduce the weight. Originally, Beretta had planned on using an even smaller frame, but later designed to move to a slightly larger model as initial testing demonstrated some grip complaints due the shortened frame. The 9000S was also the first Beretta handgun that featured a tilt down barrel locking mechanism based somewhat on the original John Browning design.

Beretta took a somewhat different approach in regards to caliber, and released the .40 caliber version to the market first in 2001. Apparently, they felt that the .40 caliber was becoming very popular and would surpass the 9mm as a concealed carry round. The 9mm version followed in 2002 and was equally as popular as the .40 cal version. The 9mm version will carry 12+1 rounds while the .40 cal. model will carry 10+1. As the 9000S frame is somewhat compact, Beretta added a feature to the magazine floor plate so it has a drop down tab that extends it’s length. This feature is nice for shooters with larger hands, who may prefer the added length.

The 9000S was designed in two different configurations. The original 9000S was a model “D” and was double action only. Later, the 9000S-F model megapolis cheats hack was released, which was double action or single action. The F model has a decocker which controls the hammer release. Interestingly enough, the F series was the first Beretta model that could be carried and fired from a “cocked and locked” or hammer down position like most all the Browning designs. Both the D and F models are equipped with a firing pin block so the weapon won’t discharge without the trigger being pulled.

Like many other handguns on the market, the 9000S is easy to field strip and breaks down into 4 components. All the components are large so the shooter won’t lose any parts or have to be concerned with any small springs. Reassembly takes a matter of seconds and the weapon is battle ready again.